First BEAMSCAN goes into operation in the "middle of the world"

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Medical physics team at S.O.L.C.A. Cuenca takes BEAMSCAN into operation

Cuenca, Ecuador, 2 March 2017  

BEAMSCANTM reaches the middle of the world. On 23 January 2017, Latin America's first BEAMSCANTM system was successfully installed at S.O.L.C.A (Sociedad de Lucha Contra el Cáncer) in Cuenca, Ecuador.
The installation was carried out by EOS and PTW-Latin America.

The Society for the Fight of Cancer S.O.L.C.A. was founded in Ecuador in 1951 as a private non-profit organization in order to treat and help prevent cancer. In 1957, a satellite center was opened in Cuenca to provide diagnostic and treatment services to cancer patients in the entire Azuay, Cañar and Morona Santiago Provinces.

With currently one linear accelerator into operation, the Radiation Therapy Department at S.O.L.C.A. Cuenca treats approximately 400 patients per year, offering a wide range of advanced treatment options, including intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) as well as brachytherapy. In December 2016, a new state-of-the-art TrueBeamTM linear accelerator with a high-definition multi-leaf collimator went into clinical use at Cuenca. A second TrueBeamTM machine is expected to open to patients later this year.

The Medical Physics Department at S.O.L.C.A. Cuenca works closely with oncologists, radiologists and other allied healthcare professionals in radiation therapy, imaging and nuclear medicine. "Ensuring that all quality assurance tasks are completed accurately and efficiently is a key responsibility of any medical physics department," says Dr Fabian Erazo, Chief Medical Physicist and Head of the Medical Physics Department at S.O.L.C.A. Cuenca. "The new BEAMSCANTM system will be a great help to us to achieve this goal. Due to its quick and easy setup, our QA will become more efficient, and the system's ability to export the analyzed data wirelessly to Track-it allows for better data management, saving us much time and effort."

The new BEAMSCANTM was delivered by EOS, PTW's regional sales partner and leading distributor of high-tech medical equipment in Ecuador. Founded in 1934, EOS has a long history of service excellence, helping to improve health care and maintain high quality standards throughout the country.

"When we see the innovative technologies behind the BEAMSCANTM, the simplicity of its setup and handling, the accuracy of its measurements and the ease to generate reports and manage QA data across platforms, we are fully convinced of the many benefits of the system for modern radiotherapy QA," says Consuelo Torres of EOS. "BEAMSCANTM can help make new radiotherapy treatments safer and more accurate, which leads to better patient outcomes. Our customers are quite excited about the smart, sleek design and technical innovations of the new BEAMSCANTM water phantom by PTW!"

Headquartered in Guayaquil, EOS also maintains a branch office in Quito and has 116 employees.

Contact PTW-Latin America:

Andrea Pérez Zambrano
PTW-Latin America, Brazil
Phone: +55 21 2178 2188 a

Contact EOS:

EOS, Ecuador OverSeas
Phone: +593 4 3712 970

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