Cone-Beam CT QA

NOMEX® Dosemeter

High-Precision Dosemeter for CBCT Dosimetry 

  • NOMEX® Dosemeter

    Handheld, battery-powered dose measurement system for use with multiple x-ray modalities

    Key Features

    • All relevant beam parameters captured in one single exposure, including dose length product (DLP)
    • Large display with easy touch screen operation
    • Dedicated CT chambers and phantoms for CBCT dose measurement (optional)
    • Interface for connection of NOMEX Multimeter, external PTW ionization chambers or semiconductor detectors
    • Automatic air density correction
    • Outstanding calibration stability
    • Statistical analysis with NOMEX® software


    Alternative Product

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Supported QA Procedures
  • Imaging dose
  • Image quality*
    Geometric distortion
    Spatial resolution
    HU constancy
    Uniformity and noise    

*optional with CATPHAN®

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