kV Imaging QA

NOMEX® Multimeter IGRT

Turnkey Solution for kV Imaging QA

  • NOMEX® Multimeter

    PC-based, high-precision all-in-one dose measurement system for comprehensive kV x-ray dosimetry

    Key Features

      • Ultrafast setup - ready to use, only one cable to connect         
      • Automatic data collection and immediate access to test results via NOMEX® Software         
      • Fully automated, no user interaction required - all relevant beam parameters, such as dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL and waveforms, captured in one single exposure and instantly displayed on screen         
      • Enhanced software features, including multilingual user interface, customizable display options, statistical calculations and convenient one-click export of data and waveform charts to MS Excel® report templates         
      • Fully integrated with Track-it for long-term trend analysis

      Routine test object for a fast, accurate check of image quality parameters of fluoroscopic and radiographic imaging systems

      Key Features

      • Versatile phantom with different test patterns and elements for a complete check of image performance quality
      • All image quality parameters measured with one single exposure
      • Simultaneous assessment of imaging dose and beam quality with NOMEX® Multimeter
      • Complete set, including PMMA/Cu attenuation plates
      • Fully compliant with DIN 6868-4 and DIN 6868-150 standards
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    Supported QA Procedures

    Imaging and treatment coordinate coincidence


    Spatial resolution


    Uniformity and noise

    Beam quality / energy

    Imaging dose

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