Complete check of image quality performance in one shot

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Fig. 1: NORMI RAD/FLU - detail layout
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Fig. 2: NORMI RAD/FLU - radiographic image

The NORMI® RAD/FLU test object, which allows to check all relevant image quality parameters in one single shot,
includes the following test details (see Fig. 1):


Copper step wedge

to determine the dynamic range:

17 copper steps, thickness from (0.00 - 3.48) mm, diameter 150 mm outside; 110 mm outside; depths 13 mm for steps 1 - 8, 5 mm for steps 10 - 17



Radiation absorbing grid


Radiation absorbing circles


Center markings

2, 10

Detail contrast test elements

8 elements with 10 mm diameter and depths from 0.4 - 4.0 mm,

16 elements (one inside each copper step) with 4 mm diameter and 2.5 mm depth


Numbered copper steps


Structure-free inner area

with center markings (9)


Resolution test pattern

to determine the line pair resolution;

with resolutions from 0.6 lp/mm - 5.0 lp/mm,

thickness of copper plate 1.1 mm


kV test area

to determine radiation quality

Ytterbium, thickness 0.78 mm


Tube axis direction markings






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