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PTW Service Contract SILVER

The " Preventive Maintenance" Package

The PTW service contract "Silver" combines the advantages of the "Bronze" service package with regular, preventive maintenance. In addition to priority support and repairs, it includes inspection and calibration of your instruments, as well as free software upgrades. Perfect for those who want to keep their PTW system always in top condition and technically up to date.

Services include:           
  • Technical hotline support
    Unlimited access to support hotline via phone, fax and e-mail
  • Warranty extension
    Free repair and/or equipment replacement warranty
  • Software updates
    Free provision of updated versions of licensed PTW software
  • Software upgrades
    Free provision of further developed versions of licensed PTW software
  • Preventive maintenance
    Inspection and calibration of measuring instruments in recommended service intervals
  • Priority service and support
    Guaranteed, faster reaction time to support, service and repair requests
Benefits of the "SILVER" Package
  • All the advantages of the "Bronze" service package
  • Flat-rate amount for all services
  • Longer operating life and minimum downtime of your PTW equipment
  • Priority service and support
  • Enhanced performance through software upgrades
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