AUNA NETWORK is a private network with centers distributed throughout Peru, interconnected at national level, and the best staff of professionals and last generation medical equipment in Radiotherapy, Radiodiagnostic, Nuclear Medicine among others, to deliver complete health solutions, committed to quality and all the specialized medical care.
Within the AUNA NETWORK, the Radiotherapy service is provided in two facilities with a modern infrastructure, i.e., Clínica Radioncologia and Clínica Delgado.
Radioncologia S.A.C constantly implements new patient treatment techniques, publishes scientific articles, and performs training courses due to infrastructure and professional experience, besides its participation in research, training and education projects.

Our department has the following equipment to fight cancer:

  • 2 Elekta Linear Accelerators, Infinity model equipped with Agility, with IGRT technique, SRS cones and built-in MLC;
  • Elekta Linear Accelerator, Sinergy model with portal image system and MLC;
  • 1 BEBIG 60Co HDR equipment;
  • 1 C-arm equipment;
  • 1 Intrabeam Intraoperative radioTherapy equipment;
  • 1 TAC simulator

The Medical Physics area is supported by PTW dosimetry systems, which includes:

  • MP3-M Therapy Beam Analyzer with MEPHYSTO mc2, as management software;
  • LA48 Linear Chamber Array;
  • OCTAVIUS® 4D system with ion chambers arrays 729, 1500 and 1000 SRS, for patient specific quality control in IMRT, VMAT and SRS techniques;
  • IGRT QC set;
  • DIAMOND® secondary check software;
  • Ionization chambers (Semiflex, PTW Farmer, Advanced Markus, PinPoint 3D and MicroDiamond) with its respective positioning system TRUFIX;
  • QUICKCHECK webline daily quality control system;
  • P, E and SRS Dosimetry Diodes;
  • RW3 water equivalent slab phantom;
  • SOURCECHECK 4pi Well-type chamber; In-vivo dosimetry system for radiotherapy (teletherapy and intracavitary brachytherapy).


Contact address:

Clínica Delgado.
Calle Gral. Borgoño cruce Av. Angamos Oeste cdra. 4
Miraflores, Lima-Peru.

MSc. Bertha García
Head of Medical Physics
Phone: +51 969901598



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