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Freiburg (D)/ Barcelona (E), April 20, 2018

Innovation at the ESTRO Annual Meeting: VERIQA- Patient-Specific Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy

The new VERIQA software platform supports both medical physicists and radiation oncologists by providing a modern, simple and comprehensive workflow for patient specific quality assurance in radiotherapy.
PTW is presenting this platform for the first time at the 37th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology (Estro) in Barcelona, Spain, from April 20 to 24, 2018.

"VERIQA" is composed of "VERItas", i.e., truth, and "QA" for "Quality Assurance", i.e., patient quality assurance, and consequently it precisely names the purpose of the platform: truthful, in the sense of reliable, patient-specific quality assurance in radiotherapy. The modules cover all necessary tasks of patient-related quality assurance in their entirety - from visualization and contouring to all common methods of verification and all the way to documentation. As a result, an integrated, streamlined solution for quality assurance inradiation oncology is available for the first time, which depicts patient-specific quality assurance comprehensively, at any stage of the workflow: during treatment planning, before each single radiation treatment and between the successively following ones. Necessary workflows are simplified by means of VERIQA and almost completely automated, so that complicated, time-consuming and error-prone configurations are eliminated. The visualization possibilities of the web-based solution display the comprehensive results of patient quality assurance clearly and effectively. The required measurement technology isintelligently integrated into the processes.

Monte Carlo verification module will be available this year

As a modular platform, the functional scope can be selected flexibly as well as combined and enhanced as needed. In addition to the modules already available for visualization and evaluation of radiotherapy plans, "RT MonteCarlo 3D" will be available as the next module this year, with which radiotherapy plans can be verified based on independent dose calculations. Using the recognized "Monte Carlo" method, which is considered the gold standard for dose calculation among medical physicists thanks to its accuracy, this module automatically calculates the patient radiation dose and compares it with the planned patient radiation dose. The results are available within a few minutes.

At the ESTRO Annual Meeting, interested parties can obtain an initial impression of Veriqa at the PTW booth (number 1100).


Photo: VERIQA Patient QA Platform
One-stop solution for integrated patient QA in
Photo credits: PTW-Freiburg



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