Servicio de Radiofísica y Protección Radiológica, Hospital de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

Servicio de Radiofísica y Protección Radiológica

Hospital de Navarra is a reference hospital, covering the whole area of the Community of Navarra.
We are committed to provide the best service, continuously implementing new techniques to improve patient assistance, as well as to provide professional knowledge by means of teaching courses and participating at international investigation projects (international meetings and preparing clinical studies publications).

Recently we have opened a totally new building for Radiotherapy, where we count with:

  • 3 Linacs (1 Varian Trilogy and 2 Varian CLINAC 2100)
  • 5 Planning Systems (18 work stations)
  • 1 Simulator
  • 1 High dose rate brachytherapy unit
  • 1 Low dose rate brachytherapy unit
  • 1 MR
  • 3 CTs
  • 1 Gamma camera
  • 1 Gamma camera SPECT-CT

We have got one additional bunker, where in the next future we plan to install a new high-tech Linac.

Among other PTW equipment, we have got

  • 2 x MP3 packages,
  • 1 x 2D-ARRAY seven29,
  • IMRT phantom,
  • 3 x QC6Plus,
  • 1 x LA48 with SLA48 air scanner,
  • LaserPro17 Film scanner,
  • In-vivo devices.



Dr. Anastasio Rubio Arróniz
Head of the Radiophysics and Radiation Protection Service +34 848 422 203
Telefax no.: +34 848 422 303
Email: anastasio.rubio.arroniz[at]

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