Hospital Universitari i Politcnic La Fe, Valencia, Spain

Hospital La Fe is a University Hospital well known throughout the Spanish territory thanks to the quality of its treatment and its being an international reference center in transplants.

The collaboration between the Head of the Radiophysics Service and the Head of the Department of Atomic and Nuclear Physics at the Physics University of Valencia has resulted in the two areas receiving worldwide recognition thanks to the invention of a brachytherapy insert called "Valencia" and the development of dummy for Magnetic Nuclear Resonance in cervix BT.

The hospital very recently moved to new and more modern facilities, where staff are able to work with new equipment and devices that allow them to employ the latest techniques. The new facilities have almost doubled the former building capacity and now total more than 260,000 m.

The Radiation Oncology Service has, among other equipment:
2 Clinacs iX with MLC120, OBI and RapidArc
1 TrueBeam with MLC HD, couch 4D (Varian once available) Xrays with/without Flattering Filter, OBI + RapidArc.

Radiosurgery is from Brainlab; we will change to Varian next year (once available)
4D (RPM) system on CT and PET-CT and TrueBeam
Gating and Tracking on TrueBeam
Exactract (no X-rays) on TrueBeam

CT Big Bore + PET-CT are both from Philips, and the laser system from LAP
TBI-TSI techniques
Intraoperatory techniques with electrons
Eclipse (6) + Somavision (6) plus Aria (40)

Brachy: HDR and PDR from Nucletron
HDR cervix with MR
Prostate seeds with Bebig (very large charge on prostate brachy: 3 HDR + 3 seeds per week)
Brachy ocular: COMS, Ruthenium plaques and Sr-90 app

The staff working here has a very high reputation and is well known. They have become known figures in the Spanish Radiophysics community.

The Head of the Radiophysics Service has presented 139 talks at National Congresses and 150 at International Congresses as well as participated in a total of 110 different conferences, meetings and courses. He has participated in 20 research projects, published scientific articles in 27 national publications and 55 international ones as well as is the editor and co-author of eight books. He is also active in the international scientific community as the national coordinator of the Brachytherapy Group at the Spanish Society of Medical Physics (SEFM), Spanish Member of the BRAPHYQS Committee, Coordinator of the HEBD Brachytherapy Group at AAPM and ESTRO. Additionally, he is a member of the Brachytherapy Subcommittee of AAPM, a member of TG-143 of AAPM and of the GEC-ESTRO Committee.

PTW is represented at this hospital with the following main quality assurance equipment:


Dr. Jos Prez Calatayud
Head of Radiophysics Service
Tel. no. +34 96 124 5103

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