Iridium Kankernetwerk Wilrijk and Antwerp, Belgium

Medical Physics Department

The radiotherapy department of the Iridium Kankernetwerk ( in Belgium is located at two sites: Sint Augustinus hospital in Wilrijk and Sint Vincentius hospital in the centre of Antwerp.

The major part of equipment is housed at the Sint Augustinus hospital:

  • 2 x Varian Clinac21iX with 120 multileaf collimator and amorphous silicon imager
  • 1 x Varian Acuity simulator
  • 1 x dedicated GE CT
  • 2 x PDR and 1 x HDR brachytherapy afterloaders (Varian)
  • 1 x LDR brachytherapy
  • Brachytherapy prostate I-125 implant with Variseed
  • I-131 treatments
  • Mobetron: intra-operative radiotherapy

At the Sint Vincentius hospital:

  • 1 x Varian Clinac21EX with 120 multileaf collimator and amorphous silicon imager
  • Brainscan software

The staff consists of eight radiation oncologists, six medical physicists, two dosimetrists and 21 technologists.

Our department did start in the 90's with two automatic PTW water phantoms MP3, one at each site. Gradually we adapted the equipment with up-to-date measuring tools such as the LA48 for Linac QA and the VeriSoft software for IMRT QA based on film dosimetry. Since the department extended with new linear accelerators the procurement  on further sophisticated measuring equipment  for fast IMRT and Linac QA was indispensable. As a consequence, we acquired the 2D-ARRAY seven29, the IMRT verification software Verisoft and the Linac QA software MultiCheck. Furthermore, one TBA-system MP3 has been upgraded with MEPHYSTO mc2 and the unique detector positioning system TRUFIX. PTW dosemeters such as the UNIDOS, MULTIDOS or TANDEM will be used in combination with a wide range of PTW detectors, e.g. the Diamond detector.
In the future our centre will focus on expanding the IMRT-technique for a larger group of patients.

In the cooperation with PTW, the medical physics department of the radiotherapy department of the Iridium Kankernetwerk will be acting as demonstration and training site for PTW products.

Contact address:

Oncologisch Centrum GZA
AZ Sint-Augustinus
Oosterveldlaan 24
2610 Wilrijk
Tel.: 0032-3-443-3737
e-mail: rita.reymen[at]

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