Johannesburg Hospital South Africa

Division of Medical Physics
Prof. Debbie van der Merwe, PhD

We service a Radiation Oncology Division within the public health sector, consisting of four Siemens linear accelrators, two MDS Nordion cobalt teletherapy units, a Gulmay orthovoltage unit and two HDR brachytherapy units. The accelerators are all equipped with virtual wedge. EPID, MLC and micro-MLC are available and capabilities exist for IMRT, SRT, small field electron therapy and IORT as treatment modalities. An operating theatre and a full range of imaging equipment supports the Centre, including CT, C-arms, virtual simulation and conventional radiotherapy simulation. The Hospital is serviced by well-equipped Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Divisions. The unit is associated with the University of the Witwatersrand and has an active academic programme for training of local and international students in Medical Physics, Radiation Oncology and Radiography.

Contact address:

Prof. Debbie van der Merwe
Johannesburg Hospital
Radiotherapy Department Block 6
York Road Parktown
South Africa

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