MULTIDOS® Multi Channel Dosemeter

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Multi channel dosemeter for absolute dosimetry, in-vivo measurements and quality control in radiation therapy

  • Dual channel therapy dosemeter according to IEC 60731 (field class); HV +400V, only M connecting system available
  • Twelve channel in-vivo dosemeter for diode measurements
    (connection box required)
  • Six channel in-vivo dosemeter for diode measurements in rectum and bladder (connection box required)
  • LINAC constancy check device for homogeneity and symmetry tests (check probe required)
  • 48 channel electrometer for field analysis (LA48 linear array and extender ME48 required)
  • Measures dose and dose rate or charge and current simultaneously

MULTIDOS can be used with ionization chambers and semiconductor detectors. It meets or exceeds the standards for field class dosemeters as specified in IEC 60731. The calibration factors are stored in the unit and additional correction
factors can be entered. Air density corrections are done by keying in air pressure and temperature. The large LC display shows the measuring results in Gy, Gy/min, R, R/min, C or A. MULTIDOS features a high measuring accuracy of better than ± 0.5 % and a very good long-term stability of less than ± 0.5 % per year. An RS232 interface is included.

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