Contamination Monitor

Monitor with plastic scintillator for radioactive contamination measurement of surfaces in nuclear medicine laboratories

Thermo FH 40 G-L10 Survey Meter

Portable digital survey meter for doseand dose H*(10) rate measurements

STEP OD-01, OD-02 Survey Meters

Compact portable ion chamber dosemeter for dose and dose rate H*(10) / H'(0.07,?) measurements

BLEEPER Personal Monitor

Personal pocket-sized radiation monitor

Thermo EPD® Mk2 Personal Dosemeter

Electronic personal dosemeter for Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) readouts of gamma, beta and X-radiation

TK-30 Spherical Ionization Chamber

Spherical ionization chamber with a long rigid stem for radiation protection

3 Liter Chamber for Radiation Monitoring 34031 (Model 32004 discontinued)

Cylindrical polyethylene ionization chambers for stationary radiation monitoring of gamma radiation

50 Liter Chamber for Radiation Monitoring T7262

Cylindrical pressurized steel ionization chamber for stationary gamma radiation monitoring

UNIDOSwebline Dosemeter for Health Physics

High performance health physics dosemeter with trip output and integrated network features

UNIDOS atto Electrometer

Ultra high sensitive electrometer for  charge and current measurement

XLS X-Ray Leakage System

Multi-channel measuring system for radiation leakage measurements of diagnostic X-ray installations

XLS Chamber for X-Ray Leakage System

Rectangular ionization chamber for radiation leakage measurements of diagnostic X-ray installations

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