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DAkkS - The new German accreditation body

The executing laboratories in Germany were formerly accredited and controlled by the calibration service DKD (Deutscher Kalibrierdienst). The old accreditation system has been abolished as of 01/01/2010 due to EU regulation (EG) Nr. 765/2008. Based on a resolution of the Federal Ministry of Economics, the German accreditation body DAkkS is now responsible for accreditation. This has no effect on the end user.

For further information see www.dakks.de

The PTW-Freiburg SSDL Calibration Laboratory

The PTW-Freiburg calibration laboratory is member of the IAEA/WHO network of SSDLs for dose quantities in radiation therapy. The calibration laboratory has been a most important part of PTW-Freiburg since its first days. The task to produce accurate dosimetric instrumentation implies the necessity to provide accurate calibration. PTW-Freiburg operates Germany's first and largest Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory for radiation quantities accredited by the DAkkS, under direct supervision of the National Laboratory. With more than 600 mē of laboratory floorspace and eleven calibration benches in continual use the PTW calibration lab is one of the largest and most active calibration labs for ionizing radiation in the world.

The following radiation therapy beam qualities can be calibrated:

  • 60Co (1.3 MeV)
  • 137Cs (662 keV)
  • X-rays (100 ... 280) kV
  • Soft X-rays (10 ... 70) kV

In addition, well-type chambers can be calibrated to measure brachytherapy sources. Besides the therapy dosimetry calibrations, the PTW lab provides for dose and non-invasive kV calibrations in diagnostic imaging, nuclide radioactivity calibrations of isotope calibrators in nuclear medicine and calibrations of health physics dosimetry equipment.

The calibrations are directly traceable to the primary standards of:

  • BIPM (Bureau International de Poids et Mesure, Paris)
  • PTB-Braunschweig (German Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology)

Regular external audits are performed by PTB and IAEA.

PTW SSDL Calibration Laboratory

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