UNIDOSwebline Dosemeter for Health Physics

Klicken um Bild zu vergrößernUNIDOS webline Universal Dosemeter

High performance health physics dosemeter with trip output and integrated network features

  • Health Physics dosemeter for simultaneous dose and dose rate measurement
  • Integration in a LAN with the internet standard TCP/IP
  • Remote access functionality
  • Trip output and data logging function
  • Active, configurable TFT display with wide viewing angles
  • Easy and fast menu-driven handling with navigation knob and help system

The Ethernet interface based on the TCP/IP protocol makes it possible to integrate the UNIDOSwebline in a LAN for remote access and e-mail capability, e.g. to initiate self tests and to send a status report. Its large, user-configurable TFT display guarantees visibility from wide angles. UNIDOSwebline features a easy to use menue-prompting system with help texts. Important settings can be password protected (different levels). A comprehensive statistic and data logging function is implemented. Up to 100 measuring values are stored in a list. The data can be reviewed and exported. Mean value and relative standard deviation are displayed on the measuring screen. Chamber data are stored in a comprehensive chamber library. Air density is corrected by keying in air pressure and temperature or by means of radioactive check devices. The check device data are stored in a database. An internal clock calculates the isotope radioactivity decay. It features both mains and battery operation. UNIDOSwebline surpasses the requirements for reference class dosemeters according to IEC60731, the IPEM secondary standard dosemeter guidelines, IEC 61674 for diagnostic radiology and IEC 60846 for health physics.  

  • Controlling UNIDOSwebline via UDP
    User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is a network protocol. It is a member of the TCP/IP family. A virtual COM interface is defined with UDP. Using an existing terminal program or any other software for RS232, you can then communicate with UNIDOSwebline via this interface.
    We recommend the use of "VirtualCom-UDP": http://www.simplecomtools.com

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